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About Origins Lacrosse Club-lv

Our Mission

Honor, Inspire, empower and transform though Lacrosse.

Our Instructors

Our coaches have been fortunate to have coached thousands of players with hundreds of them going on to the varsity college ranks at every level.  We even have helped developed 8 pro indoor and pro outdoor players.  What can get better than that you ask?  Some of them have then gone on to become college coaches at every level!  Growing the game is what our coaches are all about!  If you want to be developed and mentored by coaches that have a proven track record then Origins LC is a great choice.

Our Process

With over 100 years of coaching experience, our staff has learned how to create solid lacrosse players and solid individuals.  We start with consistency in our teachings, terminology, and staff.  From there we help mold young men and women to become productive members of a team and society.  As a sports company, it may be surprising but our focus is on collaboration rather than on competition.  It is all about the team and no two members are treated the same.  We do not do cookie-cutter coaching; we build lasting relationships that transcend sport.  We use coaching as a stage to prepare our athletes for life.  Lacrosse is not life but for those with open minds, it will teach many of the important lessons that are required to live a fulfilling one.  We take pride in the fact that many of our players have gone on to become coaches themselves.  No Hype…Just Results.  

Our Core Values

The following core values will guide Origins LC in programming and play, now and in the future.  We believe our program has the potential to develop not only lacrosse skills but, more importantly, character values that will benefit today’s athlete in later years and other endeavors.  It’s not just about lacrosse. The Origins Lacrosse Club is REAL Lacrosse!

  • Respect – Respect the game, your teammates, your coaches, and your opponents.
  • Effort – Always give 100%, both mentally and physically, during practices and games. Commit to the commitment!
  • Accountability – Be accountable for your actions and never point fingers.
  • Leadership – Be a real person of character by showing Respect, Effort, Accountability, and Leadership!

Our History

Origins LC, an elite organization run by lacrosse professionals, is a premier player development group. Founded in 2008, we have set ourselves apart by maintaining a blue collar, level-headed approach to the training and development of lacrosse players.  Origins LC is built on a foundation of integrity and a philosophy that coaching and improvement should not stop.

Why choose Origins?  As with anything in life, to be effective you need education, practical experience, and a great mentor to make it to the next level. We select the best coaches who have high standards of integrity and professionalism because we understand that it takes more than playing accolades and a passion for lacrosse to make a great coach. Great coaches must have the ability to teach. Our staff members are not only experienced lacrosse coaches, several are teachers by profession!

At Origins, we have in mind the best interests of our athletes while maintaining a commitment to fielding strong teams. We work the mind and the body with a dynamic style that is both realistic and challenging, giving close attention to the proper techniques and mechanics that are essential for success. Our programs of individual skill instruction, game situation drills, and scrimmaging will benefit everyone, from new players to those who want to play at the highest level, both on and off the field.

We believe lacrosse is more than a game but also know at the end of the day it must be fun, and Origins LC will offer the tools young lacrosse players need to take their game to the next level.

Come See for Yourself!