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News: A new offense that we will run this summer.  For our Monday Leagues, we will run the following offense that can be found on PowLax.  Please watch the video up to the 6:30 point.  Once we master the first concept of fighting to the middle we will add more concepts. 

League Highlights:

  • Format: Real box lacrosse. 

  • Gear:  It is recommended that all players have proper box gear that includes Rib and Bicep pads along with their field gear.  Professional goalie gear will be provided by the league.

  • Real Box is taught by the most established and respected organization in the state!

  • Experienced Box Coaches and Officials trained by current and former NLL officials and coaches.

  • Sport court playing surface.  Only wear basketball-style shoes.

  • Youth Middle School Format will be approximately 30 min of real box training followed by an exciting box game.  During the game, all new players will have experienced coaches/players teaching the nuances of the box game.

  • Selected games to be recorded and available on our YouTube channel for the public or player highlight videos.

  • Great Barn to play in, even the Canadians are jealous!

  • Authentic Box Lacrosse Experience.

  • Professional Goalie Gear Is Provided to those that need it.  (Cat 3 for HS and Cat2 or 3 for Middle School) .

  • 30 Second Shot Clocks

  • Sign up’s are done individually or as a small group.   Each division is limited to 34 registrations to ensure a great experience.

  • Fees include training, gameplay, officiating, and a reversible Pinnie for first-time registrants. Replacement Pinnies can be purchased for $20.00.

  • Have a group of 6 or more, contact us for special pricing.


  • When Possible always run a zone defense, especially during picks.
  • Be patient and wait for the picks to develop.  30 seconds is a long time if you are patient.  Try to use 20 seconds of the shot clock before shooting.
  • When we have good numbers on the benches a run should be up, down, and off.
  • Lefties should always be on the left side and righties on the right.  Once you are set up stay on your side and if you get out of position reset and rebalance.
  • Never clear towards the benches
  • If you want the ball set a pick for the ball carrier!
  • Pass Down – Pick Down
  • Work the 2 man game on and off ball
  • When going back on offense if you are away from the bench go deep to be a threat and occupy the defenders then go off to sub
  • Never clear towards the benches!

Format & Rules:
Updated 6/6/20212 1:26 pm est.

  • NLL rules with a few modifications.

  • The shot clock is 30 seconds, clearing time is 10 seconds.

  • Wooden sticks and large goalie sticks or walls are NOT allowed. 

  • Goals will be  4′ by 4’6″ 

  • Take-out checks or big hits are not allowed.  We all go to go to work or school the next day!
  • Fighting is not permitted at any time. All fighting will result in immediate expulsion from the game and possible league expulsion.