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Big Bear Classic Charity Lacrosse Tournament

3 v 3 Charity Lacrosse Tournament to support Griffin Smith


Corporate Supporters of the Big Bear Charity Tournament

Latest Updates

Last Updated 9/12 @4:00 PM

From 10 am to 1 pm the Indy Rip Wheelchair team will be playing a game in the Tennis Courts.  If you want to jump in an extra chair and just make sure you bring all of your gear as this game is full contact.

Bring water as it will not be provided at the fields.

There is also no field area seating so we suggest you bring your sun screen, mask and a lawn chair.

PLL Auction Items added.  See tab below

Covid-19 Action Plan updated

Schedule and rules have been updated.

We lost a girls team but that will not stop the fun we are going to have!

We added a men’s team. 

At the conclusion of the scheduled games we will run father/son game(s).  Of course this is open to moms and daughters too!

View the online Store & Auction Tab for a chance to win some PLL donated gear.

Girls Division update: We lost a team and now have 2 teams.  It will still be a blast and they will play the best of 4.  Or as an alternative best of 3 and then have a dad/mom/daughter /friend/game as the 4th game?   

Boys Division update: We have 7 teams in this division.  Everyone plays 4 games and the best record wins!

Men’s Division:  We added a 6th team so there are now 2 pools of 3 teams.  4 games as follows – 2 pool , 1 crossover. 1 playoff game.

What: Big Bear Classic Charity Lacrosse 3 v 3 Tournament to support Griffin Smith

When:  Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Where: Sahm Park, Indianapolis.  6801 E 91st St, Indianapolis, IN 46250
We will be set up behind the tennis courts.

Times: 10 am-5 pm  – We will try to have each division play in 3 hr time slots.

Teams: Team registration only.  Each member registers individually but there is a place to enter your team name.  All teams should have 4 players and we recommend a squad of 4 to 6.  

Divisions: Girls High School Open / Boys High School Open / Men’s Open
We reserve the right to modify divisions based on registration numbers.  Champions will be crowed at each level.

Cost: $30/player.  No refunds will be given for any reason as this is a charity event. 

A certified Athletic trainer will be on site.

All profits from these sales will go to Griff.

Visit our sponsors site, Uncommon fit to view the products and to Order.


Ebay online auction items. 

Auction will end 9/19.  The PLL has donated this and some other items to Support Griffin and his road to recovery.  The winner of this will have the ball directly shipped to them from the PLL corporate offices.  Questions please call 371-804-1721

Signed game ball by Tom Schreiber (Archers).


Official warm-up long sleeve shirt of the Waterdogs, official gloves of the Chaos and official elbow pads of the Champion Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club. These are not game worn, but official apparel of the PLL. Waterdogs Warm Up Shirt is Adult L. All the gear is standard adult size.



Go Fund Me Page for Griffin

On Friday July 17, 2020, Griffin was playing a game with extended family and started not feeling well. It began with breathing issues and quickly turned into losing all feeling in his torso and lower body. He was rushed to St. Vincent’s in Anderson and soon regained the feeling in his torso, but still had no feeling from the waist down. He was transported to Riley Hospital Saturday morning and the team of doctors began the testing process. After a few days of not knowing what was going on, they unfortunately diagnosed him today with a Spinal Stroke. This occurs when there is a lack of blood flow to the spine and accounts for around 1% of all types of strokes. Due to the location on his spine, they had to inform Grif that he most likely would never be able to walk again. In true Grif fashion, he told the doctor that he indeed would walk again. Griffin is going to be moved to the rehab area in Riley in a couple days and get to work. Grif’s mom Heather is staying with him, but his dad Greg and brother Gus have not been able to see him until today.  Grif is nothing but positive and can’t wait to prove the doctors wrong and get back on his feet!

This tournament is being set up to help the family out with everything from meals, travel, the medical bills that are going to be coming soon and for a very long time, modifications they will have to make to their home to make it accessible for Griffins wheelchair and anything else that may come up along the way.

Schedule Link

Our Modified Format:

  • 3 v 3 Charity Fundraiser
  • This all about fun and finesse. No contact and no checking but there will be some bumping
  • Every team is guaranteed 4 games
  • Players only need a mouthpiece and a short stick.  Gloves and helmets can be worn but are not required
  • Box lacrosse goals
  • Balls will be made of soft rubber
  • Games are Two 12 min running time half’s and will use a central clock and horn. 2 min half time.  No timeouts and no overtimes.
  • 2 points for a win/2 for a tie / 0 for a loss


  • Officials will be field called “Field Generals” and will be volunteers. The field generals will only be consulted if the players on the field do not agree of if there is a dangerous or unsportsmanlike behavior.  Anyone that exhibits dangerous or up sportsmen like behavior will be removed from that game and in extreme circumstances be asked to leave with no refund.
  • Penalties will either be a change of possession or a penalty shot.  If a penalty shot is awarded then the goalie will start the ball in play after the shot is taken.
  • No checks are allowed.  This is a fundraiser and is meant to be 100% fun and benefit Griffin.
  • No Man-Ball on ground balls, all players involved must go for the ball.
  • Raking the ball is a change of possession.
  • Crank shots are not allowed. Fakes and placement is what this is all about.
  • On defense one player must always get in the goal and it is recommended that players alternate each time.
  • Goalies my not drop to their knees.
  • In bounds from out of bounds
  • Players must attempt to cross mid-court on while on defense and not “cherry pick”.
  • After a goal is scored, the ball is put into play after the goalie circles their own goal.

Please go here for a full set of rules and to learn more about Speed Lacrosse!

The entire affair of Lacrosse symbolizes a spiritual ritual to honor, heal, and celebrate individuals and communities. For this reason, lacrosse is often referred to as the Medicine Game. According to early Indian communities, “In times of sickness, the medicine people would prepare themselves and call upon the life forces of Mother Earth to assist in relieving sickness. The right medicines would appear, be chosen, and then prepared. To improve the power of the medicines a lacrosse game would be requested.” This healing has been described as a medicine game. The Medicine Game played a paramount role in Indian communities serving a primary means to bring about change and togetherness amongst themselves.