Vegetable Tanned Leather

Our high quality leather is full grain, 4 oz to 6 oz, and vegetable tanned.  Vegetable tanning is an environmentally friendly process that uses the natural tannins found in plants.  Vegetable tanning is a traditional craft that requires more time and skill to produce.  The extra craftsmanship results in higher quality leather.  Our leather requires over a months time to produce, unlike the week long chromium tanning process.  Chromium tanning puts harmful chemicals in to the environment, and is the preferred method of cheaper quality products.

Advantages of vegetable tanned leather:

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Highest quality
  • Use of organic ingredients results in a unique leather that ages well with time
  • Colors are rich with warm tones that look natural

Advantages of Origins Leather:

  • Leather is tanned completely.  Our products do not contain hidden blue leather
  • Completely tanned leather allows us to design clean bags with minimal stitching
  • Our materials radiate quality
  • Our leather is not quick to crack or tear

Solid Brass Hardware

All of our products use solid brass hardware.  Solid Brass is tough and strong. The metal gives a high quality classic look to our products.  Solid brass is impervious to the elements and naturally resists corrosion.  Our hardware is not plated, so the metal’s color with not rub away over time. Much like our leather’s development of patina, the solid brass hardware will gradually turn a rustic, deep metallic brown overtime.  Using solid brass adds to our confidence that you will someday hand your bag to the next generation.

Advantages of solid brass:

  • Very strong and durable
  • Resists corrosion and elements
  • No plating to wear or scratch away
  • Develops amazing color over time

Marine Grade Polyester Thread

Seems are the weakest point of any leather product.  Our leather is stitched together using marine grade polyester thread.  Sailor’s trust their lives with this quality out on the open sea.  We trust our promise of 100 years of use on this quality.  The cost may be five to ten times more than what competitors use, but being able to hand your bag down to kin is too important of a vision for us to skimp on any material.

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